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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 2022 efile form

Instructions and Help about 2022 efile form

My name is Elizabeth Cole and I am director of communications here at trilogy software and I do a bunch of the webinars along with a couple of my other talented colleagues efile season this year is starting a little later so this is the usual time of year that we do this presentation however there's still some things changing in tax cycle before e-file opens in a little while so today's topics relating to e-file we're gonna talk about what's new this year we're gonna talk about changes to the t 183 authorization form because those of you who've done efile before are gonna notice some differences we're gonna show you how to file a single return using e-file just the basic how to get there in tax cycle we're gonna talk about a couple of other types of things you can file in a individual's tax return so t 11:35 and pre-authorized debit requests and then i'm going to show you some of the tax cycle tricks and tips to make filing multiple types of things at the same time easier so that includes transmitting family returns and how to batch transmit in the client manager and this might be relevant this year if you're especially if you're you know you've got a lot of easy returns that you're preparing and the e-file system doesn't open until later this month you might find that you can get ahead of those returns before opening and some people like to then batch transmit them so it's worth looking at and I'm gonna close off at the end to show you how to file a t1 adjustment in tax cycle last year later on in the filing season the CRA allowed software like tax cycle to allow you to file adjustments like the t1 atj for your clients so if they you need to make an amendment to a t1 return you can do that electronically now and it's really quite easy and tax cycle makes it slightly easier so I wanted to show you that today at the end so into the topics here so what's new this year with efile the first one is the updated t1 83 you really need to understand the new section in Part F relates to people signing up for online mail or Express Noah I'm going to cover it in detail when we get to the forum the other thing is is that refile doesn't have there's no checkbox on the team 184 we free file that's handled with t10 thirteen authorizations your permission to refile so we will talk about that in a minute Express NOAA is get it got a bit of an overhaul this year and this is what I'm going to cover on the 21st you can actually get a full notice of assessment immediately after filing if your clients are okay with that so they used to have this instant assessment which would give you sort of.

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